I seek to express the energy, balance, movement and true nature of the horse. My explorations in sculpture, painting and drawing always involve working with the horse in motion. The movement of a horse embodies so much strength and grace but also eludes to the fact that they are fragile and sometimes  fearful .I want my work to have an energy you can feel. In my sculpting, drawing, and painting I want to bring the horse closer to the viewer. Whether I’m making a light airy stick gestural  sculpture that hangs from the ceiling or a heavier textured bronze. -Clare 

Portrait of the Artist by Cindy Adams

     Clare Christie is an artist whose work concentrates on the harmony of Movement and line to capture the energy of the horse. A native of Austin Texas, her work reflects her years  in the saddle training hunter and jumper horses and teaching others to ride. Her time spent around the animals did more than give her a strong sense of  the anatomy of the horse, it taught  her to capture their physical strength and  subtle body language.
    After graduating from the University of the South in Sewanee Tennessee, Clare returned to Austin and developed a body of work in Bronze. She has created over forty maquette sized sculptures many of which were commissioned works. Recently she has returned to exploring her linear pieces that express the lighter agile lines of the horse.  When not at home with her daughter Lauren and husband Kyle, you can find Clare in her studio at the family horse farm just outside of the city.